The Site

The application site is a 4 hectare parcel of greenfield land located to the east of the built up area of Ash. The site is bordered by Foreman Road to its west and to its north by the railway line. The rest of the site is surrounded by open countryside.

Ash (and Tongham urban area) is described by the Local Plan as being in its settlement hierarchy as a Category 1 Urban Area; the highest in the order of settlements and the main focus for development. This is underpinned by the evidence document ‘Guildford Borough Settlement Hierarchy’ (July 2013), which describes the Ash and Tongham urban area as having good shopping, school and community facilities.

The application site forms part of a wider housing allocation in the adopted Guildford Local Plan (Policy A31). As such, the principle of residential development on this site has been established.

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Proposed Development

The proposed development is as follows:

  • 82 dwellings comprising a mix of types, sizes and tenures (including 40% affordable housing)

  • New pedestrian and cycle links, public space, landscaping and biodiversity enhancements

The proposals have had careful regard to the site constraints and its wider surroundings as well as the requirements set out in the Local Plan site allocation.

The application will be accompanied by a detailed layout showing how the development will be accommodated on the site. 

Ash - Site Layout Plan.jpg
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GBC Ash Road Bridge Scheme

In August 2019 Guildford Borough Council submitted a planning application (ref: 19/P01460) for ‘construction of a road bridge with associated footways and cycle path connecting Guildford Road/Ash Hill Road roundabout to a new junction with Foreman Road over the North Downs Railway line south of the existing Ash level crossing, in addition to associated junction improvements, landscape mitigation, ecology management measures, flood mitigation measures and drainage’.


Planning Permission was given a resolution to grant in December 2020, with planning permission issued in January 2021. The principle aim of the application was to facilitate the closure of the existing level crossing on Foreman road and divert traffic over the railway line along this new road, whilst also enabling vehicular links into the new allocation. The road bridge the key infrastructure element to unlocking the wider site allocation and providing access to the 1750 homes proposed.